Welcome to the home page of Sahara Frost, writer of fantasy and horror!

More than anything, Sahara Frost loves a good story, whatever form it may take: books, comics, movies, anime, video games, art, etc. And, of course, she doesn’t just like to consume other people’s stories…she likes to create her own too. Most of Sahara’s stories take the form of the written word, but she has many (perhaps too many!) other creative pursuits as well: drawing, painting, crocheting, and more.

You can follow Sahara at @SaharaFrost.

She also has a Goodreads account, in case anyone wants to know what she likes to read!

Release Day!

My second story, “Lairbnb,” is officially live! What happens when a pair of travelers book their hotel through the wrong website? Find out at https://thearcanist.io/lairbnb-351ab9928109.