Welcome to the home page of Sahara Frost, writer of fantasy and horror!

More than anything, Sahara Frost loves a good story, whatever form it may take: books, comics, movies, anime, video games, art, etc. And, of course, she doesn’t just like to consume other people’s stories…she likes to create her own too. Most of Sahara’s stories take the form of the written word, but she has many (perhaps too many!) other creative pursuits as well: drawing, painting, crocheting, and more.

You can follow Sahara at @SaharaFrost.

She also has a Goodreads account, in case anyone wants to know what she likes to read, and an Instagram account for all her non-writing pursuits!

After 6 years…

…9 revisions (including 2 extensive rewrites)…

…and 25 rejections…

…at long, long last, my short story “Pandora’s Book” has found a home with Flame Tree Press! (If you’re interested, you can read the announcement here!)


To be honest, I was long past the point of hoping this story would ever be accepted. For one, it’s a horror story, and there just aren’t that many horror markets available (not compared to fantasy and sci-fi). For another, it’s on the lengthier side as far as short stories go, coming in right around 5000 words. Finding someone to publish a story (ANY story) is hard enough as it is. Finding someone to PAY me for it is even harder. And finding someone to pay ME is hardest of all…there are just so many amazing writers with truly incredible stories to share with the world, and there’s only so many publishers with only so much money. To say the least, I was looking at an uphill battle.

Still, I loved this story. Oh, I hated it every time I decided it needed another revision. But I couldn’t stop picking it up again and again, trying to make it better and better, because of how much I loved it. And if I loved it, I knew I couldn’t be the only one who would love it. It was just a matter of finding the right person. So, keeping in mind that one of my all-time favorite books, Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, was rejected 26 times, I kept submitting. After all, I told myself, a minuscule chance is better than no chance, and I have no chance of an acceptance if I don’t keep putting my story out there where the right person might find it!

And now, at long last, my perseverance has paid off. Because not only is it getting published, I’m getting paid. And the cherry on top? I will now qualify as a pro author according to industry standards. This basically just means I’ll be qualified to join pro author societies if I choose to do so. It’s more the thought that counts. But still…still…it’s another step forward. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying knowing that THIS story will be the one that allows me to achieve that milestone. It’s confirmation that I should trust my gut. That I should keep putting myself out there. That I shouldn’t give up.

Of course, the reality is that nothing has really changed. Unless I somehow manage to become the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling, I’m always going to face this uphill battle. I’m always going to have to feel the stinging disappointment of rejection after rejection. But it also means my hope isn’t unwarranted…that I can keep hoping, keep putting myself out there, keep giving people the chance to read my stories. So keep on I shall.

Octopus Invasion!


So, one of my hobbies is crocheting. While I like to crochet a variety of things, my favorite thing to make is stuffed animals (amigurumi). When I was a kid, an older lady who sat with my family at church would occasionally crochet toys for me. I guess you could say she probably inspired my own interest in making stuffed animals.

Anyways, it had been quite awhile since I’d made any stuffed animals, and this fall I found a really cute octopus pattern designed by @khookcreations that I had to try (available for free here). And, uh, well, I guess I went a little crazy with it. I just kept finding more and more people (mostly my friends’ kids) to make them for. And by the end, I think I probably made a full dozen of them.

They were lots of fun to make, and I will probably find an excuse to make more octopi later. Even better, though, making the octopi refueled my interest in making amigurumi again. I’ve worked on a few small projects since then. Maybe I’ll share what I’m working on here from time to time. ^_^



Release Day!

My second story, “Lairbnb,” is officially live! What happens when a pair of travelers book their hotel through the wrong website? Find out at https://thearcanist.io/lairbnb/.