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When the new season’s anime is revealed, the show usually falls into one of three categories: definitely watching, interested in trying, and not watching. And, unfortunately, due to time constraints, most of the anime series that wind up in the “interested in trying” category never get watched, or at least not for a long time.

Both Chihayafuru and Mashiro-Iro Symphony fell into the “interested in trying” category, but the former was much closer to the “definitely watching” category than the latter. I knew that I wanted to try watching Chihayafuru, but it hadn’t caught my attention enough to become a definite contender on my permanent watchlist. And honestly, it was not first in line in my “interested in trying” list either. Until I saw the reviews. On the various anime review sites I follow, one after the other praised Chihayafuru, giving the series high marks. And the more I read about it, the more I wanted to watch it. Thus, I decided to make this series the first contender in the prelims.


Two episodes in, and I am already hooked. This is a fun, intriguing series with characters that actually interest me. I absolutely adore the protagonist, and she will probably keep me watching this show to the very end.

Final Verdict: Pass With Distinction



There is no point in hiding it: I enjoy a good “harem” style anime. Despite the patterns they all tend to follow, I enjoy the characters and stories they present. And often times, the art style is very appealing to me. I do not like all visual novel-based series though. Ones that focus too much on fan service or are not original enough tend to turn me away. As long as I do not feel like poking my eyes out by the end of the episode and remain interested enough in the characters and story, I am usually willing to tolerate these series. And once in a blue moon, I am fortunate enough to run across one that I absolutely adore (i.e. anything by Key, ef ~a tale~, and so on). Thus, it was perfectly natural for Mashiro-Iro Symphony to wind up on my “interested in trying” list.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony

Easy on the eyes, Mashiro-Iro Symphony presents an interesting premise, a lively cast of characters, and a protagonist who has yet to get on my nerves. Like with most harem anime that I try, a couple of yellow (potentially red) flags have popped up: primarily the potential incest and the fanservice. I honestly do not think the potential incest is going to go anywhere, and the fanservice has not been nearly as bad as what I’ve seen in other anime. I could be completely wrong about this, of course, and may change my mind about the show later. But for now, while Mashiro-Iro Symphony will not be a priority for me to finish, it is one that I will probably continue to watch when I can find time for it.

Final Verdict: Pass


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Alright…I am going to be trying something a little new (for me) this season. I am actually going to make a point of watching at least the first episode or two of any new anime that interests me. A lot of times I just tend to focus on a few and spend my time watching those, even though there are more series being released that interest me. And, of course, being that time is limited, it often takes me a very long time to ever get around to watching those series I don’t initially try out…usually because by the time I finish the series I started, a new bunch of shows are being released. So…this season…we are going to see how many shows I can “sample.” I already have in mind the few I will probably actually watch until the end, but maybe by putting the shows through “prelims,” I will change my mind or add an anime to my list that I otherwise might not have. If I leave out a show, it is probably because of one of the following reasons:

1. It’s the type of show I would never watch anyways (i.e. hentai, yuri/yaoi, and so on).

2. The show is a sequel to a series I have yet to watch (i.e. Shakugan no Shana III and Fate/Zero).

3. For whatever reason, the show simply does not interest me (i.e. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and Battle Spirits: Heroes).

4. I run out of time or shows to try.

5. I get bored and just want to watch the shows I’ve decided on.

6. Any other whim that hits me.

So, please understand that I am only doing this because I enjoy it. And so, the instant I stop enjoying it, I will stop the prelims. Thus, I apologize ahead of time if there is a show you were really hoping I would try out and I do not get around to it. Or if I listed one of the shows you really like as one of the ones I definitely would not watch to begin with. I feel that I am entitled to my opinions, though, (as you are entitled to yours) and so plan to stick with mine. If, however, there is a particular show you really, really want me to give a shot, feel free to say so. I won’t promise to fulfill your request, but I will certainly be happy to give it serious thought and consideration.

Planned Prelims: Chihayafuru, Mirai Nikki, Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, Persona 4, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Mashi-Iro Symphony, Tamayura, Kimi to Boku, Phi Brain, Chibi DeviHorizon in the Middle of Nowhere, C3, Guilty Crown, and Un-Go.

Let the prelims begin!!!

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