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I have to say that this week’s prelims round has been quite disappointing for me. Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve not been feeling so well the past couple of days…can’t tell if I’m coming down with something or not…or maybe it’s just ’cause this week’s anime is disappointing. Whatever the reason, my feelings are what they are, so moving on now.

I’ve never been one who watches all the mainstream “collectors” shows like Yu-gi-oh or Digimon. I did watch a little bit of Pokemon, but not more than a handful of episodes. And while Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle is not a “collector” anime, it certainly feels like one. Part of this is due to the animation style, and then of course there’s the formula that it follows. I suppose I can’t really criticize it for following a formula…after all, I’ve watched plenty of anime that go by the “monster of the day” pattern…but for some reason, I’ve never been able to get into this type of show.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

I’ll be honest…when I began watching this show, I did not have my hopes up very high. It only took a glance at the promotional pictures to give me the impression that this would be one of those anime that, while not bad, would not be for me. I did hold out a tiny smidgen of hope, though, for its premise. I am a huge lover of puzzles. Be it jigsaws, crosswords, sudoku, or something else, I could spend hours upon hours on puzzles. And the first episode of Phi Brain did make me think my hopes would not be dashed to the ground…momentarily. It was fun following the characters as they worked their way through the puzzles…I enjoyed feeling like I could solve the puzzles right along with them. And then episode 2 happened. All of a sudden, Daimon Kaito (what a name!) has his little Orpheus thingy that allows him to “tap into” his full potential and he effortlessly solves the puzzles. Effortlessly in the sense of…”I KNOW THE ANSWER, SCREW THE AUDIENCE, MOVING ON.” Now…sometimes this works…a lot of detective shows will present a mystery and then solve it without giving viewers a chance to participate. They make you wonder, and then they hand you the answer. Like Gosick. Gosick does this with almost every single mystery it presents. Where Gosick and Phi Brain differ, though, is that the mystery…the puzzle…is not the central focus of the story. Gosick is more about the development of the characters’ relationships…the mystery premise just gives it a certain atmosphere that helps move the story along. Phi Brain, on the other hand, is all about solving the puzzles. Kind of like all those “collector” series are about capturing whatever monster or item the characters’ have made it their goal to obtain. And while Phi Brain has plenty of time to change…it has given me little reason to continue watching it. Perhaps if I hear lots of rave reviews, I’ll give it a second chance…but for now, not so much.

Final Verdict: Fail



And now for a show about cutesy girls that like to show their panties, make fun of each others’ chests, and battle each other…

C3: Cube x Cursed x Curious

I like this art style. I really do. There’s something about this cutesy design that really attracts my attention. I do not, however, enjoy a lot of fan service, especially when all the characters look like they should be in elementary school. I know “moe” is all the rage in Japan, but…at least, for the most part…I’m not on board that train. And what really makes me sad is when the fan service is done so tastelessly. Fan service has the ability to be humorous…it really does…and I still don’t like it, but at least if it makes me laugh, I’m usually willing to tolerate it to a very limited extent. C3‘s fan service did not make me laugh, unfortunately. It just made me roll my eyes, if not avert them from the screen, every time nudity, skimpy clothes, or random panty shots flooded the screen. Disturbing and pointless fan service aside, C3 was tempting me to give up on it before ten minutes had passed. I can’t stand it when a story just throws a ton of information at you, expecting you to simply accept it…and that’s what C3 spends the first ten minutes doing. A mysterious box shows up in the mail. The protagonist puts the box away. Later that night, a strange naked girl is stealing food from his kitchen, and he automatically knows she’s the box and seems perfectly ok with this fact. Nobody throws a fit. They just kind of seem to treat this like this is how things normally go. Of course…this really is how a lot of these type of anime go…the premise of a mysterious girl suddenly having to live with the protagonist is nothing new. And so…if that’s taken into consideration…maybe C3 was really doing us a favor…kind of throwing us a bone by saying “We know you’ve seen it all before…let’s skip this and get straight to the good stuff.” Which it actually does. After that first ten minutes, the show does start picking back up. I really liked the local residents…they made me smile. And then by the second episode, we’re already seeing the true nature of certain characters revealed…something that usually takes half a series to get to. So…really…it feels like C3 just fastforwarded through all the typical stuff in order to hurry up and get to what it really wants to show. And I do have to admit that…while I’m still not willing to pass this series…the end of the second episode really had me wavering. It was suddenly interesting. Really interesting. I think I’ve said it before…crazy characters really interest me…and all of a sudden, we wind up with a whole handful of them! So…while C3 hasn’t really made a good impression on me so far…it’s piqued my interest enough to make me consider giving it one more episode to change my mind…

Final Verdict: Recommended for Resubmission


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Alright…I am going to be trying something a little new (for me) this season. I am actually going to make a point of watching at least the first episode or two of any new anime that interests me. A lot of times I just tend to focus on a few and spend my time watching those, even though there are more series being released that interest me. And, of course, being that time is limited, it often takes me a very long time to ever get around to watching those series I don’t initially try out…usually because by the time I finish the series I started, a new bunch of shows are being released. So…this season…we are going to see how many shows I can “sample.” I already have in mind the few I will probably actually watch until the end, but maybe by putting the shows through “prelims,” I will change my mind or add an anime to my list that I otherwise might not have. If I leave out a show, it is probably because of one of the following reasons:

1. It’s the type of show I would never watch anyways (i.e. hentai, yuri/yaoi, and so on).

2. The show is a sequel to a series I have yet to watch (i.e. Shakugan no Shana III and Fate/Zero).

3. For whatever reason, the show simply does not interest me (i.e. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and Battle Spirits: Heroes).

4. I run out of time or shows to try.

5. I get bored and just want to watch the shows I’ve decided on.

6. Any other whim that hits me.

So, please understand that I am only doing this because I enjoy it. And so, the instant I stop enjoying it, I will stop the prelims. Thus, I apologize ahead of time if there is a show you were really hoping I would try out and I do not get around to it. Or if I listed one of the shows you really like as one of the ones I definitely would not watch to begin with. I feel that I am entitled to my opinions, though, (as you are entitled to yours) and so plan to stick with mine. If, however, there is a particular show you really, really want me to give a shot, feel free to say so. I won’t promise to fulfill your request, but I will certainly be happy to give it serious thought and consideration.

Planned Prelims: Chihayafuru, Mirai Nikki, Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, Persona 4, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Mashi-Iro Symphony, Tamayura, Kimi to Boku, Phi Brain, Chibi DeviHorizon in the Middle of Nowhere, C3, Guilty Crown, and Un-Go.

Let the prelims begin!!!

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