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Whoa-ho-hoooooo!!!! A book review on an anime review site? Is that even allowed? Apparently so, ’cause here it is. 😛

Robin McKinley's Pegasus

I just finished reading this absolutely beautiful novel. Literally. As in, about five minutes ago. And I just got done bawling my eyes out. This is such a wonderful novel!!!! I absolutely loved it! And if you are a teenage girl who loves reading fantasy novels (or an adult woman that has retained her young heart, like me), then you need to go and pick this book up. Right now. (If you haven’t already.) Now…don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying guys shouldn’t read this novel…I just think it is far less likely that they will get quite as much enjoyment from this book as girls.

Anyways…moving on. To give you a little information about this book…this is the latest novel by Robin McKinley, Newbery Medal and Honor winning fantasy author of such books as The Hero and the Crown, The Blue Sword, Beauty, Sunshine, and Deerskin, among several others. In this newest of her books, released just last year, McKinley tells a beautifully crafted story about the friendship between Princess Sylviianel and Ebon, the pegasus with whom she is bonded. What girl WOULDN’T want a pegasus for a friend? Or a unicorn, for that matter? Or a horse, if you’re not into the whole fantasy stuff? This book is seriously like every young girl’s fantasy come true. A girl and her horse. But better. ’cause he can talk. And fly.

While I would love, love, love to go on, telling you every little detail about this book, I cannot…just really cannot…bring myself to do it. It would not take much for me to give away too much of this beautiful book’s story…and this is too good of a book for me to do that to it. And I know…saying it’s a book about a princess’ friendship with her pegasus is really lame sounding, and it doesn’t tell you hardly anything. And that’s exactly what I thought when I read the little summary of the book on its cover…but now I actually understand why there was so little information given. It’s simply that impossible to describe in a few words. Not because the story is particularly complex…but because there is so much GOOD in this novel that can and should only be understood by reading it.

A couple more notes…in case parents are reading this…I believe this book is targeted mostly at girls in grades 7-9. Kind of like I said before about how I think this book is more for girls than guys, it’s not that younger or older readers wouldn’t enjoy this…it’s just that the target audience is the one most likely to get the most out of it. As for objectionable content…there was very little. I don’t remember there being more than one or two curse words, which were very mild when used. Also…there was one point in the book where Sylviianel is taught about the differences between how humans and pegasi live, which included a brief, non-detailed description of how they mate. The only other thing I can think to mention is that this book does have a lot of political intrigue and does begin to delve into the subject of warfare and the corruption of power. So, do be advised that the topics brought up in this novel are more mature (even if they are not necessarily offensive).

One final note. I will go ahead and warn you…as I have warned you before…I do not like to cry. And this book made me cry. I believe I would still think this is a good book, but I’m not sure I would praise it so highly, if I did not know that a sequel is on its way. And I am going to be so so so looking forward to this sequel!!!! I need it. Now. But I have to wait a couple more years. So there you have it…my lame-ish book review. Hopefully you can hear my excitement over the book in my words, though, and it will convince you to give McKinley’s newest novel a try.

Grade: A

And now, because this IS after all an anime site, a picture of another beautiful friendship between a girl and her Pegasus:

Sailor Moon's very own Chibiusa and Helios


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